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What's Coming?

Sometimes we seek that perspective that we lack, we want to show our work from a different angle or simply want to discover whats around us ...

Fly By Zion has the solution to capture your needs from all angles, thus offering a professional service of aerial video & photography.
  • Event Coverage
  • Entertainment & Communication
  • Inspection & maintenance of infrastructure
  • Real estate
  • Agricultor

Fly By Zion expertly captures aerial photography and videography of action and sporting events, real estate topography, television and film and more. Our UAVs (commonly called drones) and high-tech camera systems deliver footage that we edit to perfection—the end result being exactly what our clients’ expect—and more.

Our team has experience in public safety and they employ advanced safety techniques in all areas of drone operation during Fly By Zion Media assignments. Whether running a simple photo shoot or acquiring complicated aerial video coverage, clients can expect not only top-notch quality and service but also unmatched safety protocols in the aerial media production industry.